The firm of FISCHER & PARTNER was established in 1989 and from the beginning the partners set themselves the goal of highly professional consulting in the whole area of industrial- and copyright- law and to reliably obtain, defend, enforce and maintain the rights of their clients in all countries of the world. The leading principle of the firm is the fully integrated care for the client's needs and rights with the highest possible responsibility. The firm has built up and verified relations with notably professional and competent correspondent- solicitors all over the world and, keeping in mind its goal, it concentrates on the intensification of relations with national and international associations in all areas of intellectual property. In addition to the obtaining, defending and enforcing the industrial rights, the firm has at its disposal considerable experience in Czech and international copyright- law, license practice, law of competition as well as relating fields of commercial- and procedural law. The Partners employ the knowledge gained while previously engaged in highly responsible and internationally oriented positions in the industrial, legal and commercial spheres including courts practice. In the overlapping areas of their work the partners find easy and reliable advice and support between themselves. The firm has an experienced staff including further professionals highly qualified in the individual technical fields and having scientific experience namely in the fields of chemistry, microbiology, pharmacy, telecommunications and creation of software. The firm also acts as an intermediary in filing applications in the Slovak republic and in the Eastern European countries. For the search purpose the firm uses many national and international databases on CD-ROM and on-line and hosts the international information centers like STN International, DIALOG, QUESTEL etc. All cases, as well as the administration of the firm, are processed on the computer network and clearly evaluated and the clients are regularly and in detail informed of their cases. In the firm the languages English, German, French and Russian are fluently spoken and handled.
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